Nintendo To Publish New Bungie Title For Wii That Will Revolutionize!

I can't tell you how or where I got this news from. Actually I can, I got the news straight from someone in Bungie and I've had it confirmed by Nintendo.

The next title from Bungie is going to be on the 360, that's the announcement they're going with in a few days time after they've made sure that the latest Halo 3 update is sorted.

Next year they're going to announce their new strategy now that they've got the grips with the development kits for the Wii and have decided on exciting ways to use MotionPlus. They're bringing a new franchise to our favourite console. They also have plans to agree a new partnership with Nintendo to incorporate a version of TruSkill into a new version of the WiFi connection that would support party systems and other features.

The new title will be the first in a planned epic, possibly a trilogy with film rights already agreed with Universal. They're considering making the film the second part of the epic, with the first title providing a cliffhanger leading into the movie. A third title would then pick up some time after the film. It is also possible that the game will see a release on other consoles in time, but only if sales are lackluster.

Bungie hope to refresh the Wii and bring something that gamers have been missing out on. I'll add more information as I get it.

9/23/2008 02:00:00 PM


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