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Hi guys.

Just dropping a quick line to introduce myself, Carter. I'm the new owner of Nintendo-Centrum.com and hope to bring you a one stop news source for everything Nintendo.

I'm a long time Nintendo fan, I've been buying all their consoles since the NES came out, and will continue to do so - no matter how much they piss me off! I've written a little about what my fave's are and what I'm looking forward to, and in time I'm hoping I'll get to play the Wii!

So yeah, I'm just like the rest of you Nintendo nut bags out there trying to bring something in to the community. Hope you enjoy the site!

9/03/2006 03:02:00 PM


Name: Carter
Age: 24

Hoping to bring you all the latest and greatest Nintendo news!


Eternal Ocean (Wii)
Super Mario Brothers 3 (NES)
Metroid Prime (GC)
Kirby's Adventure (NES)
Super Smash Brothers Melee (GC)


Animal Crossing City Folk (Wii)
Wario Shake Dimension (Wii)
Wii Music (Wii)
Red Steel 2 (Wii)


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