Wii News || New Far Cry Information Reveals Control Scheme And More

Some new information has surfaced about the Wii version of Far Cry during the VGM Podcast where they spoke to a member of the development team at Ubisoft.

Some very interesting information was given, such as the plan to include full online multiplayer and downloadable content.

The control scheme involves interesting movement ideas like jumping with nunchuck simply by lifting it up, slashing the Wiimote to make a "feral attack" and pushing the nunchuck to hit enemies in the back!

You will also be able to move Wiimote forward to zoom and slash across screen for a knife attack. They didn't talk about how to use the guns though, but it's probably safe to assume it will follow the same mechanics as Metroid.

The employee also revealed that the title of the game will be Far Cry: Vengeance and will be a brand new title with 20+ hours of Single Player.

9/06/2006 05:09:00 PM


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