Wii News || First DS To Wii Link Up Title Revealed

We've only heard before of the DS using the Wii as a sort of hub, being able to download demos from the console as you would from the participating shop kiosks.

However as I've been reading this issue of NGamer, I've discovered that EA have confirmed that Spore will be linking both our fave consoles together:

"EA have confirmed that link-up play with the DS is on the cards, so you can deform your species on the fly."

Link up play could mean many things, I'm hoping for a feature that allows you to continue your game on the run as well as multiplayer possibilities. I don't really want to be able to unlock secrets again like we could with the GBA-GC connectivity. Who knows, if these features are considered then you may not even need a copy of the game on the DS? If a company like EA is developing titles like this, who knows what Nintendo have up their sleeves?

9/07/2006 05:26:00 PM


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