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MCV have run an article claiming that they know what Nintendo are ready to announce next week, they reckon they know the date and the price of the Wii:

"Theres still a week to go until Nintendo officially announces the details of the Wii launch but MCV can reveal that the new console will hit retail by November 24th, it will be priced at £149 and stock will be plentiful."

MCV are an industry mag. I used to read it on my lunchbreak when I worked at Electronics Boutique back in the day, and I've never known them to make up a story. Everything fits into place and makes sense. A pricepoint similar to that of the GameCube when it launched, and a date that is often mentioned and close to Christmas.

The head honcho from Nintendo UK has stated that "they're [MCV] not far off, but they're definitely not right".

9/08/2006 04:56:00 PM


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